Lady GaGa shaves her head and falls asleep as part of an art installation? It's obviously the launch of her new perfume. Obviously.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the eccentric pop star arrived one hour early to prepare for her piece at New York museum, The Guggenheim. Her 'performance' involved a great deal of nothing, really, as she slept between the hours of 9pm and 9.45pm. Not many can get away with a power nap to launch a new product, but if anyone were to do it, it would be Gaga, wouldn't it? Her sleepy-art was accompanied by the opportunity to poke her whilst she snoozed: an opportunity that fellow stars Marc Jacobs and Paris Hilton didn't miss, as they popped their extremities through the holes in her cocoon. The sleeping, the poking; all this was in aid of her new perfume, which she intended to smell "like an expensive hooker." The event also marked the end of New York Fashion week, and saw Gaga shaving the back of her head, before getting a tattoo live in front of everyone present. Just in case the view was obscured, images of the ink being applied were also on a big screen, ensuring that everyone got a look.

Lady Gaga recently announced that her new album, ARTPOP will be available on myriad digital platforms, much like Bjork did with Biophilia. The singer also felt it necessary to promote her new release via a permanent marking; getting ARTPOP tattooed on her forearm before tweeting the image to her followers. Just imagine the amount of teenage girls trying to fool tattooists around America that they're old enough to get inked.