Lady GaGa's hair inspires her entire aesthetic when she's on tour.

The 31-year-old singer is currently jetting across the globe as part of her 'Joanne World Tour', and her long-time make-up expert Sarah Tanno, who is a Marc Jacobs beauty global artist ambassador, has revealed the musician's blonde locks are the base for the beauty professional to expand on when she is applying make-up to the star.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the 'Bad Romance' hitmaker's beauty regime, Sarah said: ''Her hair always inspires the direction I go in. Frederic [Aspiras] and I work very closely about our ideas before we present them to Gaga. I love the combination of peach, pink and turquoise Frederic designed. After seeing the hair and the colour placement, I knew the make-up would complement it perfectly.''

Although Lady Gaga - whose real name is Stefani Germanotta - is known for her outlandish costumes, she wanted to change her style for her latest string of concerts to reflect ''fresh elevated glam'', which sees the blonde-haired beauty boasts a sleek winged eyeliner with Swarovski crystals around the edge, because she wants her fans to be able to ''recreate'' the same look.

Sarah explained: ''I wanted something that felt new for her and looks incredible on stage ... fresh elevated glam.

''I've been on this kick of doing more of a rounded shape winged liner as it complements her so well, and I've never seen it on stage before.

''I use seven [crystals] on each eye. It's a combination of [Swarovski's] AB crystals so they reflect any colour light that hits them.

''[Gaga] is the happiest when she is with her fans and I felt a responsibility to give them a really great pop star look that they can recreate. They love wearing our looks to her shows and I love seeing them.''

But Sarah does not struggle styling the American powerhouse because she considers the pair to be on the ''same wave length'' when it comes to beauty.

Speaking about her partnership with the vocalist, she said: ''We are always on the same wave length so it's easy for us to collaborate and shoot ideas back and forth.

''Our aesthetic of what we think is beautiful is very similar, which is why we work so well together.''

And Sarah believes her work with Lady Gaga is a ''very sacred thing''.

She added: ''Our creative process is a very sacred thing so we like to keep things like this close to our hearts and they all live at Gaga's archives.''