Lady GaGa and Taylor Kinney have a ''great'' relationship.

The 'Judas' singer and the 'Chicago Fire' actor started dating in 2011 after he played her love interest in her video for 'You and I', and while the pair briefly split in May, they are happier than ever.

Taylor told USA Today: ''I don't think I've ever said anything publicly up till now. But I'm happy. I'm in a relationship and I'm happy. Everything is great.''

The laid back actor also revealed he loves to take time out in San Diego, California, when he isn't working.

He said: ''I like walking around the woods and riding a motorcycle by myself for hours at a time and not talking about work all the time.''

While Taylor rarely speaks about their relationship, Gaga - who recently gained 25lbs - has opened up to say she's happier than ever with her body, because Taylor is a huge fan of her new fuller figure.

Writing on her blog, she said: ''My boyfriend prefers me curvier.

''When I eat and am healthy and not so worried about my looks. I'm happy. Happier than I've ever been. I am not going to go on a psycho-spree because of scrutiny. This is who I am. And I am proud at any size.''