Lady GaGa has confirmed that the title of her next album will be Artpop (the capital letters are important, it seems). She's been busy of late, that Mother Monster; not only has she been busy travelling the world with her 'Born This Way' tour but it seems that she's been getting new material ready, too, to make sure that her fans aren't kept waiting too long. Yesterday (August 5, 2012), Gaga posted a message on her Twitter page to say "make sure when writing about my new album/project Artpop that you Capitalize the title, *its all in the details* good morning twitter!" Well, that's us told, then!
According to Reuters, Gaga has also had the album title tattooed on her wrist and posted a picture of her latest adornment on her Facebook page, which has over 53 million fans. She'd originally told her Twitter followers that the album titled would be unveiled in September but it seems that she got impatient and wanted to share the news with her fans before then. She's also been sharing some of the music that she's been writing, too. She's already given concert-goers a taste of what's to come and has been playing one of the new tracks, 'Princess Die' on the current tour.
The singer seems to have fans in the palm of her hands when it comes to promoting the new material. She recently drove past fans, with a dance track blasting from the car, leading fans to speculate that the music coming from the car was another new track of hers. The release date of the new album has not yet been confirmed.