Lady GaGa has proved, in her pop career, that she's never short of ideas and her latest business venture sees her branching out into the restaurant industry. MTV News have run a story today announcing the arrival of Joanne Trattoria - an Italian restaurant opened by the Germanotta family in New York and named after Gaga's late aunt Joanne Germanotta, who died of lupus at the age of 19.
Unlike Lady Gaga's theatrical lifestyle, the restaurant is said be understated and modest. The West 68th Street eatery is said to have "walls.covered with scenes of the Tuscan countryside and near a fireplace at the entrance diners will see some Germanotta family photos hanging by a front booth." The New York Times is quoted as saying that the family restaurant has a "well-stocked bar, a cozy back patio and seating for about 70 people." It is reported that the restaurant will be run by Gaga's father, Joseph Germanotta, along with her mother, Cynthia. The chef will be Art Smith, who was Oprah Winfrey's personal chef for some years.
The Germanotta family have been quick to assert that they could have afforded to open the restaurant even without their daughter's success in the music industry and that Joseph has dreamed of opening such a restaurant for years. They weren't shying away from the family connection, though and Joseph admitted that although she is not a part-owner of the restaurant, her name "just generates a lot of sizzle." And so will Art Smith, presumably, when he's concocting special dishes such as Papa G's chicken.