The Bad Romance singer picked up the Jane Ortner Artist Award on Monday (04Mar16) alongside singer John Legend at an event in Los Angeles.

Accepting The Artist Award for "demonstrating passion to education through the arts" the New Yorker urged the music business had to get its priorities straight.

"I feel a genuine authentic love for music that is beyond becoming famous, beyond making money, beyond becoming a star, beyond looking like you have it all," she declared. "Because I can tell you that stuff ain't s**t compared to the records. The records are where it's at."

Gaga, 30, also took time to open up to the audience about her difficult path to fame, "I have completely lost myself at points in my life in this business... I just don’t simply know where I would be without music, or without my education in music," she gushed.

The star is known to use her music to promote good causes. Earlier this year she dedicated her Oscar performance of Til It Happens to You to educate people about the plight of sexual abuse survivors.

After playing a set of jazz standards, including New York, New York and Call Me Irresponsible Gaga, real name, Stefani Germanotta, concluded her turn with a rousing performance of La Vie en Rose

Executive Director of the Grammy Museum, Bob Santelli, said: "The enormous impact Lady GaGa has had on artists and fans began with a strong educational foundation,"... Her career trajectory, marked by extraordinary talent and creativity, is one of the most inspiring stories in music."