Lady GaGa once mistook The Killers for being British.

The 31-year-old star cited the chart-topping band from Las Vegas in America as one of her favourite British groups and, looking back on the incident, lead singer Brandon Flowers can now understand why Gaga made that error.

He explained: ''I once saw an interview where people asked Lady Gaga who her favourite British bands were, and she said The Killers and the Pet Shop Boys.

''We didn't think like that at the time. That was the type of music we wanted to make and that was what was coming out of us.

''Now, looking back on it, I see it. There's a melancholy to it that kind of exists in Britain that we don't necessarily tap into in the US.''

The band freely concede that their Brit-friendly sound was a pure accident, but Brandon also acknowledged it's unlikely they will ever be able to distance themselves from it.

Brandon - whose group released their fifth studio album, 'Wonderful Wonderful', earlier this month - told Vevo: ''We weren't joking when we said that British music has become part of our DNA. It's in there now and I don't think it'll ever go away.''

Brandon also previously slammed the quality of music being produced in the US, saying what he hears on the radio is ''awful''.

He explained: ''Some bands are scared of success, but I can't understand that.

''To some people, success means having a record deal and being able to pay the bills. This band want to take things as far as we can.

''But, ultimately, we just want to make good records. The music I hear on the radio in America is awful, so we have to do something. And, in terms of confidence, I'm slowly getting there.''