Lady GaGa "became the human form" of Nicola Formichetti's style ideas.

The stylist and fashion editor has been styling the 'Born This Way' hitmaker since before she became a megastar, and he told how The Explosion in her popularity helped launch his career.

He told VICE magazine: "We were just doing what we were doing. It was like jerking off-doing your own thing and being happy.

"Gaga made that stuff into a reality. She gave a purpose to my jerking off. She became the human form of all the pages of the magazines I was doing. Now I'm doing something that actually exists! My ideas are walking around and talking to people."

Nicola - who was born in Japan and raised in Italy - recently became the new creative director of Thierry Mugler and launched The Fashion house's debut menswear collection at Paris Fashion Week.

He also told how when she first appeared on the fashion scene none of the design houses were willing to lend Gaga their clothes apart from Alexander McQueen, who went on to form a close Bond with the star.

He added: "McQueen was the only one at the beginning who loved her. He just said we could take whatever we wanted from his stock.

"People were so horrible to her. I can't say who it was that said 'no', but of course I remember them.

"But I'm attracted to the freaks, I always loved her."

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