Lady GaGa suffers with fibromyalgia.

The 31-year-old singer is seen suffering with ''chronic pain'' in her upcoming documentary 'Gaga: Five Foot Two', and has now revealed on Twitter that the pain stems from her battle with fibromyalgia, a disorder characterised by muscular pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.

She tweeted: ''In our documentary the #chronicillness #chronicpain I deal w/ is #Fibromyalgia I wish to help raise awareness & connect people who have it. (sic)''

Also in the upcoming movie, the 'Poker Face' hitmaker is seen running off stage after a show to ask her boyfriend Christian Carino how she did, and has since said she loves to ask her family for advice and input on her career.

She said: ''It's not just about it being my boyfriend. I ask that of many people in my life, and my family, all the time.

''At the end of the day, I'm my father's daughter, my mother's daughter, my sister's sister.''

The 'Million Reasons' singer also tries her best to ignore her haters as she doesn't want to lose her ''perspective'' as an artist.

She said: ''If every time somebody has a comment about what to do or makes a statement about your work, if you shift as if the wind were blowing, [then] you have no perspective or spinal cord as an artist.

''Every single one of my albums - no matter if they were received with critical acclaim, commercial acclaim, or artistic acclaim - every time I plant my feet further into myself, and that is what I believe to be honourable as an artist. You fall on the sword always. It's your work, and when I make my work, there's a reason and I think about it and I love it, and that's what matters.''