Lady GaGa "feels dead" when she isn't performing.

The 'Hair' singer - whose real name is Stefani Germanotta - insists she is at her best when she is on stage and doesn't care if people don't think her attitude is "healthy".

She said: "When I am not onstage I feel dead. Whether that is healthy or not to you, or healthy or not to anyone, or a doctor, is really of no concern to me. I don't feel alive unless I'm performing, and that's just the way I was born."

The 25-year-old singer is famously close to her fans - who she calls her 'Little Monsters' -and can't bare the thought of ever cutting them out of her life.

She told a forthcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine: "We have this umbilical cord that I don't want to cut, ever.

"I don't feel that they suck me dry. It would be so mean, wouldn't it, to say, 'For the next month, I'm going to cut myself off from my fans so I can be a person.' What does that mean? They are part of my person, they are so much of my person. They're at least 50 percent, if not more."