Lady GaGa has asked her fans to choose her next single.

It seems likely 'Sex Dreams' - which Gaga debuted live at the iTunes festival in London on Sunday (01.09.13) - could be released as the follow-up to 'Applause' as it currently has over 22,000 votes after the singer took to Twitter to ask her fans to decide which track from her forthcoming 'ARTPOP' album they prefer.

She tweeted: ''OK MONSTERS! Now that you've seen some of ARTPOP Live, what would be YOUR pick for 2nd Single?RT for MANiCURE FAV for SEXDREAMS...Or are you an...RT for AURA FAV for SWINE (sic)''

'Sex Dreams' popularity follows the singer's admission the songs risqué lyrics were inspired by her own erotic dreams.

Writing on Twitter, Gaga - who is dating actor Taylor Kinney - said: ''#SexDreams is me talking to two different lovers. One im with in reality, the other in fantasy. (separated by me singing vs. speaking).

''#SexDreams chorus is that moment when you wake up sweaty from that dream and laugh because you know you got away with something naughty! (sic)''

The song's racy chorus includes the lyrics: ''Last night / Damn, you were in my sex dreams / Doing really nasty things / Damn, you were in my sex dreams / Making love in my sex dreams.''

'ARTPOP' will be released on November 11.