Lady GaGa has slammed allegations she's "using" members of the gay community to boost her record sales, insisting the fight for social equality has always been an issue close to her heart.
The Poker Face hitmaker has long voiced her support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (Lgbt) community and has been championed for her pro-gay lyrics in songs such as Born This Way.
But Gaga is disgusted at critics' suggestions she's taking advantage of her gay following in a bid to make money.
In an interview with The Advocate magazine, she says, "(That's) one of the most ridiculous statements anyone can make about me.
"I would say the top thing I think about every single day of my life, other than my fans, loving the music, and my family being healthy, is social justice and equality."
And Gaga has highlighted the controversy surrounding a deal with U.S. retailer Target as evidence of her dedication to the cause.
The pop star pulled out of an exclusive contract after learning that company chiefs had previously provided financial backing to political candidates or groups believed to be anti-gay. The singer had initially agreed to release a limited edition of Born This Way at the stores if Target bosses increased its support for the Lgbt community, but axed the deal when they reportedly refused.
She adds, "You're either going to try and change or you're not. Taking an ambiguous stance is not what I'm about, obviously. I like to go right for the a**-kicker. You're either in or you're out. I'm from New York. I know bulls**t. I can smell it from a mile away."