Lady GaGa believes she could live in Berlin one day.

The 'Born This Way' singer - whose home is in New York City - loves the German capital because she finds the city and its people inspiring.

When asked if she could imagine setting up home in Berlin, she told BANG Showbiz: "Sure, one day, perhaps, I have a lot of friends round here. Yeah, Posh is from here, Posh is an underground performance artist and singer, he is wonderful, he was on the 'Monster Ball Tour' with me. I met him in New York and he moved to Berlin and I called him one day and said, 'Get on the plane, baby and come sing back-up for me.

"I just love the culture so much and really amazing museums and art. It's beautiful and inspiring, and you can have a good time. I have this great picture of me and the Berlin Wall. I love it."

Gaga's new album 'Born This Way' contains the track 'Scheiße' - the German word for s**t - and the 25-year-old singer has revealed it was inspired by a night out clubbing in Berlin.

She explained: "This song I wrote right after I left Berlin. I went to the Laboratory club the night before, I had some fun with my friends then the next day I wrote 'Scheiße'.

"I meant it like 's**t, it's good.' But I also meant it the other way; because this song is really about wanting to be a strong female without all the bulls**t that comes along with. Anything that gets in your way from being brave. It's not the only word I know, I just like that word. It's sexy."