According to Variety, the pop star purchased the Laurel Canyon compound in the Hollywood Hills, which was put on the market in June (16), following the death of Zappa's widow Gail last year (15), for $5.25 million (GBP4 million) - just below the original asking price.

The estate features a Tudor-style main house, six bedrooms, a staff apartment, two detached guesthouses, a swimming pool and a roof top tennis court.

Zappa purchased the property in the mid-70s and lived there until his death in 1993.

Zappa recorded his jazz-rock albums and composed symphonies in the kitchen of the main house, which he dubbed the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.

The property also includes the Vault, a chamber beneath the house, where the musician stored thousands of hours of unreleased recordings, video and family artefacts. Actor/director Alex Winter was recently given the keys to the underground treasure trove as he started to piece together a documentary about the late rocker and archive his findings.

The sale of the compound was caught up in a dispute among Zappa's four children, who have been battling each other since their mother Gail died in October (15). Control of the family's trust fund was passed to the younger siblings Ahmet and Diva, leaving Dweezil and Moon as beneficiaries.