Lady GaGa has another reason to celebrate following her Grammys success - she's been named the highest-earning pop star of 2010.
The Poker Face singer topped Billboard's Money Makers list, with earnings of more than $30.5 million (£20.3 million) last year. Bon Jovi are second in the rundown with $30.4 million (£20.2 million), and Pink Floyd star Roger Waters is third with $24.4 million (£16.2 million).
The Dave Matthews Band is the fourth biggest-grossing act of 2010, with $23.9 million (£15.9 million), and Justin Bieber is fifth with $22.4 million (£14.9 million).
The top 10 is rounded out by Taylor Swift ($20.7/£13.8 million), Michael Buble ($19.8/£13.2 million), the Eagles ($18.3/£12.2 million), the Black Eyed Peas ($16.8/£11.2 million), and Sir Paul MCCartney ($14.1/£9.4 million).
A Billboard spokesman says, "Lady Gaga was inescapable in 2010. The pop singer, only a few years removed from her original hair colour and shows at small downtown New York venues, so thoroughly dominated the last year that it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that she would top the Money Makers list."