Lady GaGa was crippled with nerves while shooting her ALEJANDRO video - the singer "hyperventilated" after the director removed her heavy make-up and fake tan.
The pop star shocked fans with the racy and religious imagery in the controversial clip, in which she dresses in a latex nun's outfit and writhes on a bed with semi-naked male dancers in her underwear.
But she admits the most nerve-wracking part of the project was appearing bare-faced on the request of fashion photographer Steven Klein, who shot the video.
Gaga tells Japan's Hommes Vogue, "We are both very strong-willed and we both have very specific visions. And I knew his specific vision and he knew mine so that it was like tugging at a rope together. And then we tied a beautiful knot! I wanted to bring him out of his comfort zone and he wanted to bring me out of mine.
"(He was) stripping me down, taking off all my make up, no eyelashes, no liner, saying, 'I'm cutting all of your hair off' and not tanned... For me, I was hyperventilating, but it did force me to be myself."