Has Lady GaGa gotten married? The singer turned heads last night after she stepped out into the London night wearing a somewhat revealing wedding dress last night (September 9th). However, there was no groom to be found, the white gown proving to be just another of the 26 year-old's notorious outfits. The Daily Mail reports that Gaga was partying with friends JAY-Z and Rihanna at the Arts Club in Mayfair, London and wore a dress that featured a corseted top, coupling it with a net turban-style headpiece, satin gloves and sky-high cream heels.

Gaga had just finished performing her second night at Twickenham stadium in the UK capital and following a performance that included her paying tribute to the late Princess Diana, she was clearly in the mood to party as she arrived at the Arts Club, something clearly evident judging her worse for wear state upon exiting the venue some hours later.

Heading back to her hotel, Gaga then opted to sit on its steps alongside a fan of hers dressed as John Lennon, holding a sign of his that read "We Love London" and blowing kisses at fans passing by. Earlier in the night, whilst performing, she'd unveiled a tribute to Princess Diana in the form of new track Princess D.I.E, before which she said "I swore if I ever had an audience like this in London I would take a moment to appreciate her. This song is called Princess Di - D-I-E... I predict controversy, but I don't care... Let's take a moment to appreciate her presence and what she means."