With 23 million albums under her belt and 5 Grammy awards cluttering her mantelpiece (not to mention a clutch of other awards), it's hard to believe that Lady GaGa is just 26 years old. You'd better believe it, though, because Stefani Germanotta celebrates her 26th birthday today.
The Born This Way singer has plenty to celebrate, as she recently received the Glaad 'outstanding music artist' award, for her 'Born This Way' album and her work in promoting a positive image of the Lgbt community in mainstream media. She's also recently set up her 'Born This Way' foundation, which encourages self-confidence and individualism in young people, as well as promoting an anti-bullying message. Since the release of her debut album in 2008, Lady Gaga has built up an impressive fan base across the world. She has the highest number of followers on the social media site Twitter - over 21.5 million in total and refers to her loyal fans as her 'monsters.'
Three and a half hours before she ushered in her birthday, Lady Gaga used her Twitter account to post a picture of a rather dishevelled-looking slice of cake, with a solitary candle in it. The picture was accompanied by a message from Gaga, which read "This is how it feels turning 26 in three and a half hours. Ha!"