Labrinth is recording ''shut-the-f**k-up'' music.

The 'Treatment' singer released his debut album 'Electronic Earth' earlier this year but is already working on the follow-up and hopes the resulting tracks will silence his critics.

He said: ''I'm making some crazy music in the studio right now. I'm having fun.

''I call it shut-the-f**k-up music. It basically silences anyone who says, 'Oh Labrinth is no good, he's not talented at all.'

''I'm just going to sing, I'm going to play my instruments, I'm going to put everything out there and show them what I'm all about.''

The 23-year-old singer admits his new songs may ''confuse'' fans as they are different to those on his debut album but he thinks it is important to keep changing musical styles - and plans to do so for many years to come.

He added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: ''Every record is different to the next. I can understand fans getting confused but I'm just doing what I want - and some of the fans will get it and some of them will not.

''By the time my career ends, when I die, people will have really enjoyed the idea that I went out of my way to make as much music as I could - not just the same track over and over again.

''Put it this way, by the time I'm Sir Tom Jones' age I want to be scoring movies and I want to be on Classic FM.

''I want to be able to release a hip-hop track and then a classical one straight after and for no one to think that's odd.''