Labrinth thinks he is the ''pioneer'' of the hat.

The 'Earthquake' hitmaker insists he started wearing unusual headwear long before Pharrell Williams debuted his Vivienne Westwood 'mountie' tan hat and should given the credit for the current trend in the pop world.

During an interview on TV programme 'London Go' on cable and satellite channel London Live, Labrinth jokingly said: ''I keep telling people I was the pioneer of the hat. I was wearing hats, like, ages ago and from nowhere everyone you know started wearing hats ... that's probably what Pharrell is saying about it now, 'Everyone is wearing hats because I was wearing hats.' ''

Labrinth is getting ready to release his hotly-anticipated second album and he is very proud of the LP he's made.

He said: ''If I died like after this album I would be like - yeah that was sick. I would be proud of this album. If I died tomorrow I would be very proud.''

Although he may be a famous musician, the 25-year-old singer-and-songwriter admits his mum always brings him back down to earth and still calls him by his birth name, Timothy.

Labrinth - whose full name is Timothy McKenzie - said: ''My mum is always going to call me Timothy, that will never change ... she'll be like, 'Tim go inside, Tim wash the dishes.' Even now I have my own house and I go home and my mum is still like, 'Go and wash the dishes.' I'm like, 'Mum I don't live here.' ''