Labrinth didn't sleep for four days before performing at the Wireless Festival.

The 25-year-old rapper took to the stage at the music event in London today (05.07.14), where he told revellers he'd been awake for most of the week working on new music.

The 'Earthquake' hitmaker said: ''I've been working on my new album and I haven't slept for four days because I've been working on new music for your beautiful ears to hear.''

But his lack of sleep didn't affect his performance and the British star, who gave a shout out to his friend and collaborator Tinie Tempah during his set, admitted he was thrilled to be there.

He said: ''I'm loving this s**t.''

The 'Frisky' hitmaker also encouraged his fans to pursue their dreams, saying: ''If you're doing something amazing in your life don't let anyone f**king tell you that you can't. Keep doing what you're doing.''

He added: ''I love you London. I came here to party with every single one of you.''

Kanye West, who was reportedly booed on Friday night (04.07.14) after he halted his performance to give a 20-minute speech about discrimination within the fashion industry, is also headlining the festival tonight and is scheduled to close the show in Birmingham tomorrow (06.07.14).