La Toya Jackson has written a book about her brother Michael Jackson's death.

The American singer-songwriter - who recently starred in the US version of the 'Apprentice' - is set to release 'Starting Over' next week, in which she gives her own version about the 'Beat It' singer's death, which occurred in June 2009.

In the book, the 'Just Wanna Dance' singer reveals that when she found out her brother had died she immediately thought, "Who killed Michael?"

La Toya also writes about how she went into the popstar's room following his death and found furniture overturned, as well as notes addressed to his dad Joe pleading for him to "get these people out of my life" and others that stated Michael "only agreed to 10 shows".

And the 55-year-old television personality pointed out Michael's daughter Paris informed her about the singer's wellbeing shortly before he died, as the youngster told her: "Daddy was always cold and would always cry."

La Toya's brother Jermaine Jackson is set to release his version of Michael's death in September.