Elly Jackson plans to eat burgers on Christmas Day (25.12.10).

The La Roux frontwoman hates the traditional roast turkey dinner and so is planning to cook herself her own unique festive fare this year.

She said: "I hate Christmas dinner so I've decided to this year to make burgers instead.

"I'm going round to my parents' house and I'm going to make a normal Christmas dinner for everyone else, and burgers for me and my sister.

"My mum thought it was weird when she found out. But she can have some too if she wants."

Although Elly is shunning a traditional Christmas meal with her family, she has previously spoken about how close she is to them and says she would rather live in "a bin" than have to move far away from them.

She said recently: "Move? I'd rather live in a bin. I've got four really close old friends, I can walk to all their houses and my sister lives in walking distance. No one recognises me here. If I lived somewhere else in London I'd get recognised all the time."