L'Wren Scott's brother has defended Sir Mick Jagger.

Randy Bambrough insists he has a ''very warm'' relationship with the Rolling Stones rocker and doesn't hold a grudge after he was pictured with ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick, 27, just three months after the fashion designer's suicide.

He said: ''I continue to have a very warm relationship with Mick and have never questioned his love for L'Wren and how important she was in his life.''

Randy spoke out to defend 70-year-old Mick - who dated L'Wren for 13 years - following speculations his alleged new romance may have contributed to the designer's death after it emerged the 'Brown Sugar' hitmaker met Melanie a few weeks before, though friends insist they were not romantically involved until recently.

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Usually I ignore these stories, but to suggest that my sister committed suicide because of a false accusation that Mick was involved with another woman is completely ridiculous.''

And his comments come after L'Wren's sister Jan Shane claimed the rocker ''contributed'' to her suicide in March.

She said: ''I do believe that he contributed to it more than he realises or will admit...

''My sister deserved so much more than that. It's a terrible thing for Mick to have done. It's sad.

''His life goes on as if nothing happened. He's still out with women, but a huge part of our family is missing.''

However, insiders blasted Jan for her comments, insisting she wasn't close enough to L'Wren to give her opinion.

A source said: ''Jan has been saying so many things about Mick but the truth is she hadn't spoken to L'Wren for years. How the hell would she ever know?''