L'Wren Scott wants her designs to "stand the test of time".

The Fashion designer says it's important for women to feel special when wearing one of her dresses so tries to create something that boosts their self-confidence.

She said: "I've never met a woman who thinks they've got a good enough figure - however perfect they look - which is sad, because no one else can see these perceived flaws; they're entirely internal. But I feel I've succeeded if I can design a dress that you can always rely on, that will stand the test of time, that becomes like a dear friend."

L'Wren - who is dating Rolling Stones legend Sir Mick Jagger - also wants her designs to be comfortable.

She told Stella magazine: You can celebrate the female form in comfort. We left corsets behind in the dark ages, so why bring them back now? The modern woman has a modern life, and most of us work. There's no time to change before we go out in the evening, so a dress should always look appropriate for day and night."