L'Wren Scott and Bobbi Brown share the same vision of beauty.

The designer wanted to team up with the American make-up guru for her London Fashion Week show because they both believe in making women feel empowered via their creations.

She said: ''I contacted her on Twitter to ask if we could get together. I explained that I was going to show in London for the first time and we both love the city, have the same aesthetic and our philosophies match.

''Bobbi views women in the same way that I do: appreciating the beauty of the woman first and then enhancing their features; that's what I try to do with my clothes. It's about trying to give a woman confidence and beautiful things that I like.''

Statuesque L'Wren confessed she was ''embarrassed'' when she was first introduced to Bobbi because, at 6 ft 3, she towered above her.

She recalled: ''Bobbi and I had seen each other at events, but we met at a lunch held by Alexandra Shulman at the American embassy in London two years ago. I was wearing heels, because I think if you are going to be tall, then why not be taller? Anyway, Bobbi was wearing heels, too, but took them off to stand next to me to have our picture taken and I was so embarrassed.

''She thought it was so funny, the height difference. Of course, I was aware of Bobbi before then. She is the quintessential American make-up artist and I've always been a fan.''