A controversial British journalist has been subjected to a barrage of online abuse for writing an article suggesting L'Wren Scott was only famous because of her romance with Sir Mick Jagger.

Columnist Jan Moir outraged dozens of readers on Friday (21Mar14) by posting a think-piece on Dailymail.co.uk in which she insisted, "Millions of people, including the vast majority of the Uk population at the very least, had absolutely no idea who L'Wren Scott was".

She also branded Jagger a "rather seedy man", insisted Scott was unknown "outside a pampered enclave of self-important fashion luvvies", and added, "The only reason people have heard of her now, in death if not in life, is the fact that Scott's boyfriend happened to be Sir Mick Jagger".

However, the article, written just four days after Scott hanged herself at her New York home on Monday (17Mar14), has prompted an outpouring of comments from appalled readers.

They have branded the piece "tasteless", "vindictive", "absolutely disgusting", "disgraceful", "poisonous", and "wretched and unprofessional", with one reader fuming, "What a crass and disrespectful piece of reporting. She hasn't even been buried yet."

In 2009, Moir was forced to issue an apology to the family of tragic Boyzone star Stephen Gateley for penning an article a day before his funeral stating there was "nothing natural" about his death. The singer had died from a pulmonary oedema resulting from an undiagnosed heart condition.