Actress Kyra Sedgwick hated working with Don Johnson during a guest appearance on his hit 1980s TV show Miami Vice, because he was "very sexual".

As a teenager, Sedgwick played a cocaine dealer alongside Phil Collins in the cult show in 1985 - and she admits that Johnson's antics left her feeling disgusted.

She says, "Don was intimidating. He's a very sexual guy... Everything was a sexual innuendo - everything. He wouldn't stop and I was young. I was 18.

"So finally... he said something and I said, 'Well, I wouldn't know, because I'm a virgin.' And it just stopped him dead in his tracks. Of course, it wasn't true!"

And Sedgwick, married to actor Kevin Bacon, admits she also has unpleasant memories of working with Johnson's co-star PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS.

She adds, "He had this Lamborghini and we were doing this scene and it was complicated and a lotta lines. He calls me over, he goes, 'Kyra, come here.' So I come over and it's one of my first acting jobs, so I'm thinking he's gonna talk about the scene and my motivation and action or something.

"I lean over into the car and he goes, 'Girl, how did you get so sexy?' I was kind of grossed out a little bit. I was young."

22/07/2005 09:30