Kyra Sedgwick prefers to keep her married life to Kevin Bacon and her acting career separate - to ensure she retains her own identity.

Although the couple recently teamed up for paedophile drama The Woodsman, the 39-year-old actress has limited her onscreen unions with spouse Bacon since their 1991 pairing in the critical and box-office flop PYRATES.

But while she's proud of her turn in Pyrates, Bacon wishes he could wipe it from his memory.

Sedgwick tells movie magazine HOTDOG, "We've always tried to keep things very separate on purpose, because we both had careers before we married.

"I did a cameo in MURDER IN THE FIRST but before that we really had only done this movie that nobody saw a million years ago... Pyrates.

"See, I like Pyrates, I thought it was funny but Kevin hates it, it's like a skeleton in his closet."

10/02/2005 17:47