All is clearly not well in the Kym Marsh and Jamie Lomas camp, and it doesn't look set to get any better after 26 year-old Katie Moores told UK newspaper The Sun that she'd kissed the 'Hollyoaks' actor in his suite at 4am in the morning after a drunken night out.
Marsh has denied that there've been any problems between the pair, but that seems to have been somewhat of a fallacy on her part in light of these recent revelations. Speaking to The Sun, Moores described their evening as "My friend spoke to him first because she recognised him from Hollyoaks. Me and two friends got in a black cab with Jamie and his friend," continuing "I was pretty drunk. We went to the Park Plaza and he was in the penthouse. We were just drinking and talking about people off the soap. At one point he did say he was single. My friend knew he was with Kym but I didn't."
Moores went on to say he didn't really seemed concerned about Marsh, commenting "He didn't really say much about Kym - only that they'd just got back off holiday. He didn't want to talk about her," before providing the big reveal, "The kiss wasn't anything like a passionate kiss - just a stupid drunken one. We were sat next to each other on the bed. It just happened," she added, "I don't remember who started it. It wasn't very long, probably about 20 seconds. After that we were just messing about play fighting." Play fighting. Sure.