Kylie Minogue once took legal action against bosses of Australian soap opera NEIGHBOURS in a bid to stop repeat episodes from hitting the small screen.
The Spinning Around hitmaker shot to fame as a teenager on the show in the 1980s, playing car mechanic Charlene.
Her character wed Jason Donovan's alter-ego Scott Robinson in one installment, which went on to become one of the soap's most iconic moments.
But Minogue was unhappy at the thought of the episode being repeated and instructed her lawyers to block TV bosses from allowing any reruns, according to the show's maker Reg Grundy.
He says, "That marriage probably got the highest ratings of any marriage in Australia. She went on to great success and I applaud that.
"She said we couldn't use the tapes because she didn't want us to use them. And we said, 'No, we own the tapes.' And she had to accept it.
"It was like, our lawyers versus their lawyers. But I think she felt as her career grew, she didn't want to be remembered for being on a soap. That's understandable I think. But it did give her the break and I think now she does acknowledge that."