Pop superstar Kylie Minogue is confident she'll beat cancer after watching her father RON conquer the disease.

The SPINNING AROUND singer shocked her fans on Tuesday (17MAY05) when she announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently cancelled the Australian and Asian legs of her SHOWGIRL world tour.

Kylie's brother BRENDAN MINOGUE has revealed his sister discovered the cancerous growth while in the shower.

He says, "She found the lump in her breast while she was washing and decided to do something about it immediately.

"Dad had prostate cancer and was cured. Kylie has gone to the same hospital as Dad and feels good about that. It is bringing her immense comfort and she just isn't fazed by any of it.

"We were all so worried about her but Kylie genuinely isn't. She has shown remarkable bravery. I'm so proud of her."

22/05/2005 14:36