LATEST: Reports Kylie Minogue has cancelled her upcoming tour are "completely false" - according to the star's record company. The singer, 30 - who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 - was rumoured to have planned a tour to mark her 40th birthday next year (08), but cancelled on the advice of medics. But the star's record label has refuted the allegations made by British newspaper the Daily Mail - insisting there wasn't a tour to cancel as nothing had been booked. A statement from EMI reads, "We would like to make it clear that the report in today's Daily Mail that Kylie has cancelled a forthcoming tour on doctor's orders is completely false. "When asked, Kylie has said on numerous occasions that she loves touring and that she might tour again in the near future. There were and are no dates currently confirmed. If and when dates are confirmed they will be announced in the normal manner. "Thus, reports in the Daily Mail that Kylie has cancelled a tour are not true for the simple reason that no tour had been booked. "Kylie has not been told by her doctors that touring 'could seriously harm her health'. She did not give the quotes reported in the Mail today. And touring is something that she is still considering for the future. Her health remains excellent and she is in the middle of promoting her new single and album." Minogue's publicists are seeking an apology from the newspaper.