Kylie Minogue is to marry boyfriend Olivier Martinez following his proposal to her just hours after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Australian singer, who yesterday (21MAY05) left the Melbourne, Australia hospital where she has just undergone a successful operation to remove a cancerous lump from her breast, will tie the knot with the French actor who she has been dating for more than two years.

Martinez's cousin STEPHANE MARTINEZ says, "Kylie's illness has made Olivier realise there is more to life than glitzy show-business career.

"He has told his parents that Kylie is the one.

"Olivier is at an age where he wants to settle down and start a family and I know Kylie feels the same way too.

"When you are faced with something like what has just happened to Kylie anything else, including acting, becomes unimportant."

22/05/2005 14:36