Australian singer Kylie Minogue's love of buying houses in her native Melbourne has made her one of the biggest property tycoons in the city.

The SPINNING AROUND hitmaker has purchased 15 homes and two shops in eastern suburb Canterbury, where her parents RON and CAROL live.

Kylie's parents live in a 1940s house with a tennis court and heated pool, which they purchased for $1.8 million (GBP1 million) two years ago (02).

Kylie, singer sister Dannii and cameraman brother BRENDAN all own several houses in the area - plus a house near the ski slopes of Mount Donna Buang in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of the Victorian city.

One real estate expert says, "The Minogues have a brilliant property portfolio.

"Kylie and her family have bought in the dress circle of Melbourne real estate. Soon their only neighbours will be each other."

08/07/2004 14:02