Pop superstar Kylie Minogue is taking a break from her flourishing music career to return to her acting roots - because she's desperate to win an OSCAR award.

The Australian beauty shot to fame in 1986, playing Jason Donovan's partner in TV soap NEIGHBOURS, and made a series of critically-mauled films including her 1994 debut in STREET FIGHTER and her starring role in THE DELINQUENTS.

But her small part as the Green Fairy in BAZ LUHRMAN's movie musical Moulin Rouge and her voice-over work for forthcoming animated film THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT have inspired her to follow her dream of becoming an award-winning actress, when her SHOWGIRL tour ends later this year (05).

She explains, "Acting was always my plan. I'd love to get an Oscar. I got the part in Neighbours then turned to music, and suddenly 18 years had gone by. I've got to do something in a film I'm really proud of.

"No one's said, 'She's a terrible actress,' they've just said, 'God, she's chosen some turkeys,' so I think it hasn't been proven yet."

24/01/2005 02:55