Kylie Minogue and her sister Dannii are teaming up on Tv talent show The X Factor in their native Australia.

Kylie has agreed to mentor Dannii's contestants on the show, which will mark the first time the Minogues have worked together on Australian Tv since they shot a Young Talent Time concert in 1987.

The move is a big boost for Dannii, who is making her debut as a judge on the Australian X Factor after finding success on the British version of the show.

She says, "This is a change. Kylie is a huge X Factor fan."

Her sister adds, "Dannii is so good at this, I'm just along for the ride. It's really fun to do something together, so it was a done deal when she asked me.

"This kind of show is one of Dannii's natural habitats, but I do feel at home on a Tv set and being with my sister... We're both comfortable in this environment."

It's not the first time Kylie has played mentor to Dannii's judge - the two sisters teamed up on Britain's The X Factor in 2009.