Australian beauty Kylie Minogue refuses to let her pop career destroy her romance with French actor Olivier Martinez.

The SLOW singer has been besotted with Martinez since they met in a hotel lobby in March last year (03), and she's sacrificing sensational career opportunities because she's petrified her hectic schedule will destroy their relationship.

The 36-year-old explains, "I've made the effort to make time, to cancel or make gaps in the schedule, which, up to now, has been fairly impossible, but it's only possible because I allowed it to get that way.

"So now I've decided to have a real change in my way of looking at things and hopefully can maintain that. It's difficult when you love your work and there are so many enticing opportunities that I think would be really amazing or enjoyable to do. But I do feel happy. I'm in a great relationship."

06/09/2004 17:13