Petite pop babe Kylie Minogue believes in reincarnation and claims she has been reborn several times.

The Australian star, 35, revealed her spiritual side to American magazine BLENDER, where she discussed rebirth, heaven and the workings of her brain.

Minogue says, "I believe I have lived before, but I'm not very advanced in my series of lives. I'm not even into double figures.

"I don't have a visual memory of my past lives, but I believe I came from somewhere."

The singer has long claimed she has spoken to the dead before, including former lover Michael Hutchence, who was found dead in a Sydney, Australia hotel room in 1997.

Minogue explains, "From experiences with the deceased and with the sixth sense there must be much more than the here-and-now. I believe in a universal power.

"I've had one particularly intense experience that let me know Michael was still around. Like he had come to say 'hello'."

And the SLOW hitmaker believes humans are still in the early stages of evolution and are yet to grasp our full capabilities.

She remarks, "We don't use a fraction of our brains. To be honest, mine is on economy some days.

"The soul is the endlessness of our beings. The soul is infinite and we're just passing through."

18/03/2004 02:14