Pop star Kylie Minogue is planning to backpack around the world when she finishes her next tour. The singer threw herself back into music after successfully beating breast cancer in 2006, and is about to embark on her second tour in two years. But Minogue is already planning a big escape as soon as the road show wraps. She says, "After the next tour I'd love to just put on a backpack and go." The 39-year-old was bitten by the travel bug when she took a week's vacation after being given the cancer all clear. She tells U.S. magazine Interview, "Just after I finished my treatment, I didn't want to rush back to London or Paris - the two places I'd associated with being ill - so I went to Sri Lanka. "I remember feeling truly happy there because I had some privacy. I was with people who didn't look at me in the same way as people do at home, and who, with the tsunami and civil war, had suffered so much more than I had. "It was just one week but it was worth a million weeks."