Kylie Minogue has been inducted into a guide listing the highest achieving women in the world.

The Australian superstar joins Harry Potter author Jk Rowling, MERYL STREEP and Yoko Ono in the fourth DICTIONARY OF WOMEN'S BIOGRAPHY, which collates the lives of more than 2,000 females who have influenced the media and society.

Co-author MAGGY HENDRY says, "I was surprised to be asked to do another edition, but when you look at other biographical dictionaries, where women form only two per cent of the entries, you realise that there is a need for a book like this.

"We tried to right some wrongs this year, and include women who have been omitted, such as Yoko Ono, who was always regarded as the woman who broke up the Beatles, but is now regarded as a conceptual artist in her right."

30/01/2005 10:29