Pop singer Kylie Minogue emulates Queen frontman Freddie Mercury for her live performances - because she loves acting flamboyantly during concerts.
The Australian star has just finished a tour of the U.K. - and admits she relishes the opportunity to channel the spirit of the late rocker.
She says, “I’m releasing my inner Freddie Mercury. It’s hard to explain but parts of the show are so over the top. When I sing Your Disco Needs You, it’s a real Freddie moment."
And although Minogue enjoyed her time on the road, she isn't planning on taking her performances to the U.S.
She adds, “I always go over there with the same attitude I’ve always had, which is, ‘If it’s to happen, it’ll happen’. I’m kept pretty much busy enough. We’ll see. I’m not racing over there. I’m heading home.”