Kylie Minogue's lawyers have served the owner of a Wellington, Australia stripclub a cease and desist notice urging him to remove a picture of the pop star from the venue's window. But club boss Garth Rosson insists the Spinning Around singer's legal team has been caught up in a case of mistaken identity. In a stern letter to Rosson, Minogue's London-based attorneys claim the image of their client indicated the singer endorsed the establishment and what went on inside. Rosson insists the picture was downloaded from the Internet - and bore no resemblance to the singer. He tells The Dominion Post that the raunchy outfit the Kylie lookalike was wearing should have indicated it wasn't the real Minogue. He says, "What would a nice girl like Kylie be doing in a wet top like that?" But Rosson has agreed to take the image out of his window, adding, "We wouldn't want to upset her (Minogue). Not at Christmas anyway."