Kylie Minogue has spoken about her enthusiasm for recording after her recovery from breast cancer.

A year has passed since the Australian singer resumed her postponed Showgirl tour after her illness and her first album since then, X, comes out later this month.

Minogue's public battle with the disease led her to want to record "anything and everything" when she had the chance, she told BBC Radio 1 today.

"I think the anger came out as energy and I wanted to know that I could do what I had done before. I kind of went nuts in the studio for a week which was cathartic," she said.

"Now I know more than before that life isn't a straight road and it takes us on some unexpected turns and it's the experience that matters, and what you do with that.

"It can be a struggle but that's my path at the moment and it just makes me all the more appreciative about being here and having a job I love - and having all the support that I've had and that I do have."

Minogue co-wrote seven of X's 13 tracks and worked with pop producers including Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis when recording the album in London, Stockholm and Ibiza.

The album, her tenth, is the first since 2003's Body Language.

12/11/2007 19:28:28