Kylie Minogue was so touched by pictures sent in by her young fans during her cancer battle, she decided to include them in her children's book. The Australian singer was inundated with drawings and paintings from little girls who had watched her Showgirl Tour, which she had to abandon in May last year (05) following her diagnosis. She decided the best place for them was in new book THE SHOWGIRL PRINCESS. Minogue says, "Some of the pictures they sent me were so funny. In some of them I looked like Marge Simpson because the big blue-feathered headdress I wore on tour looked more like her hair. "And we all thought we had to do something with these wonderful images." Minogue adds that writing the book, which was planned prior to her diagnosis, was the perfect project to undertake during her cancer treatment. She says, "It was something different that wasn't physically challenging which I could do at the time. "I couldn't do anything else, but I could - if I felt up to it - sit at my computer and work on the book."