Pop babe Kylie Minogue's ex-lover James Gooding is hoping to rekindle the romance they once shared.

The British model-turned-photographer - who betrayed Kylie with a kiss'n'tell expose - is pestering the Australian singer for a secret date.

However Minogue, 34, is currently living with current beau, French actor Olivier Martinez in Paris, France - whom she is reportedly madly-in-love with.

A friend of Gooding says, "He is heartbroken they don't speak any more.

"He'd love to get back with Kylie and wants to see her."

Gooding is pleading through friends from his new home in Belgium, but has so far not received a response from his ex-girlfriend.

Minogue was deeply hurt when Gooding sold his story to a British tabloid newspaper where he described her as "a self-obsessed, virtually-friendless control freak".

01/02/2004 14:32