Hard-working pop beauty Kylie Minogue wants some time out of her hectic schedule - to clean her house in silence.

The CAN'T GET YOU OUTTA MY HEAD singer, 35, says she no longer yearns to be busy all the time and enjoys the quiet moments when she's alone doing her chores.

And Kylie - who is dating French movie hunk OLIVIER MARTINEZ - has hinted her desire to stop work could turn into a permanent decision.

She says, "I would do anything to have a proper day off.

"I like to clean my cupboards. Hours go by. I don't have the television or radio on, I don't listen to CDs, there are no people around.

"I usually love work but I feel different about it now and, yes, that has a lot to do with Olivier. Meeting someone I really want to spend time with and make sacrifices for has made me change.

"Now if I had to give up everything tomorrow and go to live in Paris with Olivier, it wouldn't be too terrible. Not too terrible!"

31/03/2004 21:08