Kylie Minogue's management have denied that the singer has cancelled a 2008 world tour due to concerns over her health, saying a tour was never planned.

Despite a triumphant return with new single 2 Hearts, the Aussie star had reportedly been told by doctors to shelve the tour, the Daily Mail claimed.

Having successfully battled breast cancer after being diagnosed with the disease in 2005, the Aussie pop pixie was thought to be well enough to resume her full schedule.

But the Daily Mail had quoted Minogue as saying: "The tour is not going to happen, it is far too soon. It kind of breaks my heart because this is what I'm in the business for. Not being able to go ahead with my plans is a real downer.

"Every woman has to face up to new priorities, near the top is health," she continued. "I take my health very seriously but not obsessively. Everything is about pacing yourself."

However Warner Music spokeswoman Kylie Martin said there never was a 2008 world tour planned.

"Rumours about a 2008 tour are untrue and always have been," Ms Martin said.

"So I'm not sure how you can cancel a tour that was never announced."

Former Neighbours actress Minogue was forced to cancel her showbiz tour in 2005 after her cancer diagnosis.

Her tenth studio album, cleverly titled X, is to be released on November 26th, while the pint-sized star will showcase songs from the album on The Kylie Show, on ITV1 on November 10th.

05/11/2007 12:31:34