Australian singer Kylie Minogue has made such a remarkable recovery from breast cancer, she will continue her postponed Showgirl tour next spring (06).

The SPINNING AROUND beauty was forced to cancel a series of live shows when she was diagnosed with the deadly disease in May (05) - but is making a speedy recovery following two operations in Melbourne, Australia and intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment in Paris, France.

Minogue is "over the moon" after doctors told her she will be healthy enough to return to the stage less than a year after being hit with her devastating diagnosis.

An insider tells British newspaper The People, "When the tour was cancelled, naturally everyone's first thought was for Kylie's health.

"The team weren't given any indication of if or when the dates would be rescheduled and were just left hanging. So imagine their surprise and delight when they received a call last week to tell them it would be back on in the spring."