Australian pop beauty Kylie Minogue has hinted she's ready to quit pop and start a family, by announcing her latest album Body Language could be her last.

The 35-year-old singer, who is dating French actor Olivier Martinez, admits she's always on the verge of ditching her career, fuelling reports she's planning to marry her longterm beau and have kids.

And the hitmaker is refusing to commit to any future releases, preferring instead to see where her priorities lie in 18 months.

She says, "It could be my last, I've said it before. Maybe this will be my final album. I just get ribbed by everyone around me saying, 'Oh yeah, right.'

"But it could be, we'll have to see how I feel in a year and a half's time."

Only last month (FEB04) Kylie expressed her desire to become a mother: "It's not too late. But obviously a woman my age can't help but think about those things.

"I'm asked about it all the time, and I never have a straight answer."

28/03/2004 14:44